Monday, October 1, 2012

Music Class

aku enroll Affan n Aqeel gi music class  at Musikgarten Metropoint Kajang.
so last friday ade trial la...aku pergi lah jugak walaupun mata aku denyut2..mula tu aku pakai lagi kapas tu tapi bila dah sampai mall aku buka..x nampak aku nak jalan..

suppose bawa Aqeel skali, tapi dia baru tido bawa lah Affan dulu... x ramai pun yg enroll 3 orang je..tapi ok lah..budak sebaya Affan n Aqeel. Mula2 tu aku nak masuk kan dia piano class ke dancing class ke..sebab dia suke lah..sekali pergi neighbour recommend kan sebab anak dia pun kat sini gak.. mula2 kena masuk music class dulu..this music class is to enhance the learner's about what is music..learn the intruments like ..jungles, rythm sticks..etc..menari pun bukan lagu oopppa gagnam style ye..lagu classic...Beethoven ke Chopin ke...

parents kena ade sekali..untuk support anak..mula2 tu Affan malu2  la pastu dia slowly follow.. class ni tak lama half and hour je per week. 5/ ok lah..he seems to enjoy week nak bawa Aqeel sekali. Deposit fee RM100 , Register RM20 and the music kit is RM 100 ..macam tu lah...monthly bayar Rm 100.


DANCE with scarf..hahaha mase ni dia menari pastu mummy u hold this k.
dia bagi aku scarf tu...hahaha his a boy!

Bila anak enjoy do all this thing, Hati pun gembira riang.
About Musikgarten Page last Updated on 07-May-10

Musikgarten originates from U.S.A. It is a revolutionary early childhood music education company designed to enable teachers to understand how children from birth to age 9 learn music. Musikgarten provides teachers with the tools to help a child grow musically, as well as emotionally, socially and cognitively.

Musikgarten specializes in the following:

1. Teaching early childhood music education to teachers through workshops.

2. Supporting new and existing Musikgarten studios

3. Producing world class curricula and classroom materials

4. Selling Instruments

In 1994, Lorna Lutz Heyge and Audrey Sillick founded Musikgarten on two fundamental principles:

  1. Children deserve the best teachers and learning materials. Musikgarten utilizes the best workshop trainers and student materials to enable our new teachers to meet the expectations of parents and their children;

  1. Teachers, much like students, need the freedom to be themselves to reach their full potential. Musikgarten provides both the freedom and the guidance necessary through a flexible curriculum.

Musikgarten features the ideal combination of teacher training, curricula, instruments and business support. We know that Musikgarten will show you how to engage children in a dynamic learning process and help them form the basis for a life-long love of music.

Musikgarten is the realization of a dream and a life's work for our founders. We invite you to share our passion for teaching children music.

For more information on the Musikgarten program, please visit our principal's website:

Program Name
Target Audience
Music Circle™ : Introductory and foundation course to the Musikgarten™ Series
Nursery, Kindergarten & Preschool Children
(Age 2 – 4 yrs)
Program that can be integrated into school curriculum. It is designed for teachers without background in music. Music Teachers will also find this beneficial.
Musikgarten Series:
Babies from birth to 16 months.
Music Teachers / Teachers with music background.
With parent / adult accompaniment. Maximum class size is 10.

Age 16 months to 4 years.
With parent / adult accompaniment. Maximum class size is 10.
Age 4 to 6 years
Without parent / adult accompaniment. Maximum class size is 12.
Age 6 to 8/9 years
Without parent / adult accompaniment. Maximum class size is 8.

Affan n Aqeel

Affan n Aqeel

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months