Monday, October 31, 2011

My Dear Warehouse Sale -26 Oct-7 Nov 2011

rm 181 je...

yang ini rm 100
safety gate range from rm95-rm181

yang ini rm 132 ..

MY DEAR warehoue sale is back.....

yesterday I went there, actually nak cari safety gate je but we end up to buy motor for Affan, bicycle for Aqeel n Affan, safety gate, pyjamas and dresses for my future niece and 1 toy for my little cousin lupe plak...2 clip fans.

Inilah padahnye kalau husband x ikot kan....hahahahhahahahahahahaha shop shop shop but belum drop la hehehheh

GOOD BARGAIN LA......especially pada parents or bakal parents yang tgh cari barang2 baby....

playpen RM150 je murah pade tu pun seat pun ade, stroller banyak la....and to me the price was cheaper la dari kat luar...ramai org borong stroller la... if ade org nak buka taida ke taska ke...palyground set pun ade jual...

macam-macam ada la................. sedia duit je and hehehe tapi better gune cash la...x kene interest kan??

masuk ikut bandar bukit puchong senang... ini if dr putarajaya/kajang/bangi after tol rm1.60...straight je nanti nampak BHP straight naik fly over after fly over turn left pastu teruuss je ke dalam....lepas 2 traffic light kot nanti nampak buiding putih foreign company laturn right..kat siti dah nampak macam kilan2..lorry my dear banyak kat tepi2 tu pastu cari je la khemah mydear.. senang je....

selamat bershopping

A&W and BOBOIBOY Party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jelly from

the cake,cream puff & eclairs thanks to

TQ nany!!! bought at mydear warehouse sale.

itu birthday boy wearing boboiboy shirt - credit to

Aqeel pun same- boboiboy red.

thanks to all......

the goodies beg

mase ni tgh nak nyanyi lagi happy birthday

chicken dance

Musical chair

A&W bear....cute kan...ramai gak la budak yang takut tapi sekejap je la

thanks to fiza for the boboiboy cake...siap ade muke affan lagi

On 29 Oct 2011 saturday at 3pm - 5pm at our house. Affan's 2nd Birthday party was held. it's all for the kids sake ,they had fun, enjoyed it and A&W conduct the event smoothly. Bear A&W PUN ADE TAU...

We pasang 2 khemah, 1 for the kids and the other one is for parents..the food was mee tomato (mama masak), roti jala n jari ayam (cater by my neighbour), tuna sandwich, cream puff, eclairs, agar2 santan, karipap, kuih kole kacang,apam polkadot (given by my neighbour). for the kids they all eat A&W je la...ayam,hot dog, nugget n fries n root beer is a must!!

thanks to all friends, neighnbours, colleagues etc.....u make the party fuuunnnnn.!!!


Piala Malaysia 2011 dimenangi NEGERI SEMBILAN ...... 2-1 tu...

it was a good fight but TERENGGANU try again next year..

HAI-O memenangi pemain TERBAIK piala Malaysia- RM1k me patut up lagi la...


Friday, October 28, 2011


Have u heard of pandora?? it's a jewellry. I bought 1 bracelet with a few ornaments, itupun beli yang silver je...cost around RM 1200++ if tambah italian gold lagi laa mahal..sebutir ornament dlm RM 900 above...memang mahal uuu....silver 1 ornament cost u min RM 120++.. hmm
i sebab my mama belikan so ammiikkk je la...if nak beli sendiri ,pikir gak 10 kali...kan? tq mama hehe...

if full mcm nie campur italian gold dlm rm 3000 tu....

I punye mcm ni la tapi ade 5 ornaments je.. i choose orenge.

Here are some info from the star dated 4 nov 2010:

Pandora jewellery was established in 1982 in Copenhagen, when Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife, Winnie, began making jewellery by hand in a 30sqm showroom. Today, the label is sold in more than 40 countries, and found in more than 10,000 jewellery retailers worldwide with more than 300 Pandora concept stores.

Its major breakthrough came in 2000 when the label launched its unique and patented concept for bracelets with interchangeable charms.
Drawing from the success of the charm bracelet, Pandora launched the Compose earring collection – a range of interchangeable hoop earrings with different hangers – in either sterling silver or 14K gold.

Pandora also offers a comprehensive jewellery line called Stories, which consists of matching earrings, rings and necklaces with pendants.
And then, there’s Ring Upon Ring, which is essentially a number of stackable rings put together, available in both chunky and delicate shapes; Liquid Silver, a collection of jewellery pieces in high quality sterling silver; and LovePods, an exclusive line of jewellery in 18K yellow, rose or white gold. Pandora also offers a range of premium Swiss-made watches with sapphire crystal and quartz movements, called Black Crown Diamond.

The brand was first made available to Malaysians at Habib Jewels’ stores last September at its Suria KLCC and Ampang Point branches in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, two new standalone Pandora outlets located in Bangsar Village II, KL, and Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya, Selangor, have opened

Remy Ishak & Tiz Zaqyah- confirm lovey duvey!

Taken from beautifulnara

Memang lelaki. Itulah yang Abang Nara mampu katakan apabila membaca pengakuan bercinta daripada Remy Ishak kepada portal Murai. Memang sewajarnya lelaki membuat pengakuan bercinta kepada seseorang. Barulah gentleman gitu.

Memang saya dan dia sedang berpacaran. Cuma saya lebih selesa memberitahu kepada umum bahawa kami sedang mengenali hati budi masing-masing dan berkawan rapat. Kerana kami tak tahu apa yang akan berlaku pada masa depan. Kalau tak jadi nanti kita juga yang malu.

Lagipun apabila kami mengambil keputusan dengan memberitahu bahawa kami bercinta, takut pula nanti orang meletakan harapan yang terlalu tinggi dan kalau tak jadi nanti lain pula ceritanya

Ditanya kenapa selama ini dia dilihat seperti menyembunyikan kisah percintaan mereka berdua, Remy Ishak berkata:-
Saya tak mahu orang salah faham dan sebab itu jugalah saya mengaku dan memberitahu. Sebelum ini, saya pernah memberitahu kepada semua yang kami memang saling mengenali. Saya tak mahu mendengar apa-apa lagi yang mengatakan kami berbohong atau menutup kebenaran kisah berkenaan

Dan rupa-rupanya, ibu dan ayah Remy Ishak telah pun bercerai dan ini agak menghantui dirinya:-
Saya terlalu memilih kerana pengalaman ibubapa saya yang bercerai. Saya tak mahu kahwin dan cerai, kerana bagi saya biarlah hanya berlaku sekali sahaja dalam hidup. Saya juga tak mahu anak-anak terbiar disebabkan perceraian tersebut
Kepada Remy Ishak dan Tiz Zaqyah (atau lebih dikenali dengan RITZ), semoga percintaan anda berkekalan sehingga ke jinjang pelamin. Sama-sama kita doakan.


When we hear about this 2 words HIV and AIDS, semua orang gerun kan?? maybe everyone knows about AIDS or HIV but do we really really know what is it??? how does the patient feels like??cope with it?etc... I have an uncle recently died because of this disease , bukan recently la but dalam tahun nie la...2011.

I just had a phone conversation with one of 'them', his a 57 years old man ann living with HIV.
He start his addiction since he was 16 yeras old...cube bayangkan???Tapi sekarang dia bersyukur sangat yang dia still alive and can cope with it. Now his a counsellor at PENGASIH. HE will come to my school and share his experience in November with the A -Level students.
really looking forward to hear his talk.

if u have any inquiry or details, pls visit this website:

Here is some info from google:

What Is It?
AIDS is one of the most serious, deadly diseases in human history.

More than 20 years ago, doctors in the United States identified the first cases of AIDS in San Francisco and New York. Now there are an estimated 42 million people living with HIV or AIDS worldwide, and more than 3 million die every year from AIDS-related illnesses.

AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV destroys a type of defense cell in the body called a CD4 helper lymphocyte (pronounced: lim-fuh-site). These lymphocytes are part of the body's immune system, the defense system that fights infectious diseases. But as HIV destroys these lymphocytes, people with the virus begin to get serious infections that they normally wouldn't — that is, they become immune deficient. The name for this condition is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

As the medical community learns more about how HIV works, they've been able to develop drugs to inhibit it (meaning they interfere with its growth). These drugs have been successful in slowing the progress of the disease, and people with the disease now live much longer. But there is still no cure for HIV and AIDS.

Hundreds of U.S. teens become infected with HIV each year. HIV can be transmitted from an infected person to another person through blood, semen (also known as "cum," the fluid released from the penis when a male ejaculates), vaginal fluids, and breast milk.

The virus is spread through high-risk behaviors including:
unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sexual intercourse ("unprotected" means not using a condom)
sharing needles, such as needles used to inject drugs (including needles used for injecting steroids) and those used for tattooing

People who have another sexually transmitted disease, such as syphilis, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, or bacterial vaginosis are at greater risk for getting HIV during sex with infected partners.

If a woman with HIV is pregnant, her newborn baby can catch the virus from her before birth, during the birthing process, or from breastfeeding. If doctors know an expectant mother has HIV, they can usually prevent the spread of the virus from mother to baby. All pregnant teens and women should be tested for HIV so they can begin treatment if necessary

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mazda 2

Ade ape dengan Mazda 2?hmmm entah lah tak tau lagi,naik pun x pernah lagi hehehe but my mom like this far i know this sama macam toyota vios, honda city, Nissan Latio etc 1.5 je.

hanya harga dia slightly mahal ckit from others.

Cooking cooking Masterchef Malaysia

SInce i enjoyed cooking so i layaannn la series of masterchef in Malaysian version la...
on 26 oct-they had choose the 24 masterchefs...mat kelate tu x dapat la....his funny la..
anakku aku Affan pun layan gak.... ckit2 cooking mummy cooking mummy...

here i is the info a bit about the programme:

MasterChef is famous.. and so is that clock. It has made many a bold Chef cry, and it is not about to stop doing so any time soon. MasterChef is of course a television cooking game show franchise, which started with MasterChef on BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) in 1990, and it has since expanded to many versions in other countries.

And now, a Malaysian version of this British-initiated cooking game show has come to our shores. Thanks to a collaboration between Astro Ria and STAR World, we will get to watch this programme on our TV’s. The Premiere of MasterChef Malaysia, with episodes “Peti Saji Misteri” and “Ujian Cipta Rasa” will be aired on Astro Ria (Channel 104) starting on the 22nd of October 2011. “MasterClass” airs on Star World (Channel 711) on the 27th of October 2011 and on Astro Ria starting on the 4th of November 2011

Chef Riz & Ana Dahlia

Yesterday I watched MASTERCHEF MALAYSIA and the chef guest was Chef Riz son of the famous Dato' Chef Wan.. Chef Riz owned a restaurant called On The Table at Solaris,x pernah try lagi , but I will nak try signature dessert dia TIRAMISU.

hE ENGANGED with Tv personality Ana Dahlia. here are some pictures i copy paste from beautiful nara.

BAJU dia punya la lawa......................

Welcome back, Giuliana Rancic

The bubbly 37-year-old, who went public with her breast cancer diagnosis on Oct. 17, returned to E! News on Monday, just five days after she underwent a double lumpectomy

"I'm so thrilled to get back to work and return to my E! family today," Giuliana told E! News. "I still have a long road ahead, but thanks to everyone's overwhelming love, support and prayers, it will be an easier journey."

VIDEO: Giuliana and Bill tell Us about their struggles with infertility
Giuliana's husband, Bill, said the "Fashion Police" co-host is expected to begin radiation in about a month, "after she heals and has her strength back."
"She pulled through it and was kind of relieved to get it over with and get the cancer out and is doing well at home," said Bill, 40. "She's a fighter and will come back stronger and better than before."

VIDEO: Inside Giuliana and Bill's IVF 'nightmare'
Giuliana also thanked her fans for their support following her breast cancer diagnosis. "The E! viewers have helped me to get through this and stay strong more than they will ever know," she said. "I will be eternally grateful to them for their love."

a day at Sunway Pyramid

Hi ALLL.......

yesterday was public holiday ....still not too late to wish all who celebrated DEEPAVALI 2011. HAPPY DEEPAVALI 2011......

SO ME N MY FAMILY went to sunway pyramid, nak pergi theme park but it was raining heavily, so we all hang around la kat dlm tu, nasib baik kat dlm tu ade macam mini theme p
we bought the token tapi kat sini pakai card, mcm touch n go. all ride rm 35.

first : affan n daddy ride bumper car..... 2 kali naik la sebab affan tak mau turun... kali ketiga tu daddy dia kelentong dia baru la nak kuar. hehehe pandai daddy.

second: aqeel ride animal train ..yang pusing keliling mall tu.. aqeel naik dgn bibik....itu pun 2 kali naik sebab dia x mau turun... marah dia kalau turun ...clever boy...

third : affan ride bee in a cup hahaha selalu kat tempat lain duduk dlam cawan... he ride alone ok...!!! mula2 tu mcm nak nangis but lelame tu ok laa..

fourth: affan n aqeel ride animal train together with bibik la kan..hahaha sian bibik...hehehe

fifth: we all ride the ferris wheel...pening gak la kepala ke but aqeel n affan enjoyed it.

then , we all p makan at tarbush bleh lah nampat org main ice my hubby nak sangat main...x pernah main katanye...sian nye... i dh biase la main nie mase zaman belum-belum kawen... hehe no dh naik karge la.. rm 38 with socks n gloves.
aku punye la mencari lakiku kat dlm ring tu tapi batang idung pun x nampak rupa-rupenya kat luar.he said takut. hahahhahahahhaha tergelak beruk la aku.... dia main pun pegang2 kat tepi2 ..hehehe 1st attempt jatuh skali. hahahahahahhahahahhahahahaha
2nd attempt x jatuh kot but 3 attempt jatuh 2 kali....kih kih kih kih kih terus dia keluar dr ring,pulang kasut an out from there hahahaha basah baju dia.. trus pergi layan anak2 kat jungle park. it was so damn funny.. but hunny it's ok at least u've tried...just dun give up nanti main lagi ye..
now pyramid nie dh besar ,baru renovation kan? itupun we all x jln2 habis... just for the ..

next time we go to hong kong disneylang and gold coast k...

tunggu aqeel dh pandai jalan.

TTFN Ta ta for now..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

London...?? nakkk foollloooww

waaaaa...uuwwwaaa..... mama,mak long n my aunty chewa will go to year in February 2012.... nakk iitttoooottt but my hubby x bagi la :( he afraid that our 2 boys will asked about for me, sape yg cari sape nie??hehe tapi i nak itot....huhuhu

They managed to get a preetty good deal from Air Asia. rm 579++ one way, and they will balik from Parisss rm500++++ jgk la... so campur tu campur nie ,they paid around rm2k per person.
to me is pretty good deal, that's why i tersangat nak ikut. I've been to LONDON before when I was 10/11 ,cm tu la...ages ago kan?thats why nak p lagi. if i'm not misken this is will be 3rd time mama went to London. JEEELLLEESS uuuu....

I will go nanti, maybe tunggu my boo and shibam besar ckit. Nak pergi jauh2 nie perlukan kesabaran yang tinggi apabila membawa anak2 kecil especially yng tgh bljr nak explore nie....a few months back we all went to Kelantan, itupun fennning kepala nak kawal si affan dia berlari dlm flight sampai tergolek2.
ok got to go.

16 sierra, Puchong.......................

RREEEAAALLLYYYY JATUH CINTA with this place..........since ari2 lalu sini asyik tgk je....but really cantek maaaaa........... bila la bleh dapat beli nie....harge nye x ingat laa.... min rm490k- rm1 mil ++ ....seeerriiiau dgr. but akan ku letak kan azam yg sgt tinggi to get this place or yang sewaktu dengan nye......

You can read this:

D' Alpinia presents a selection of four unique, contemporary and modern lifestyle concepts for the discerning home owner. It is a low density and gated development strategically located within the Southern Golden Triangle of Puchong, Seri Kembangan and Putrajaya, with direct access from the LDP expressway.

Easily accessible, D' Alpinia is surrounded by a host of vibrant and fast growing residential and commercial developments. Enjoy a wide range of amenities such as restaurants, shops, cafes and shopping complexes, all conveniently located within the neighbourhood. D' Alpinia is just 10 minutes from the IOI Mall, 13 minutes to Alamanda Putrajaya and 4 minutes to Jaya Jusco Superstore in Seri Kembangan. All houses in D' Alpinia are designed with an attractive facade and practical layout in mind so that accessibility to the greenery of outdoor parks and recreational facilities are easy.

Surrounded by perimeter fencing, each individual precinct will have only a single entrance/exit and equipped with its own security guardhouse to provide residents with total peace of mind.

Location: D'Alpinia, Puchong, beside LDP and opposite PuchongGateway. Nearby MEX Highway, SKVE, SILK Highway & ELITEHighway. Neighbouring Serdang, Selangor Science Park 2& Cyberjaya. 20min away from Mid-Valley.

ini 1 of the houses category rm 480k:

Built-up: 1600
Rooms: 3+1R3B•

Globe Light fittings for gate posts •

Autogate(include wiring) •
Water filtration System •

Alarm System • Air conditioning unit for living room & master bed room •

Built-in kitchen cabinet(includes hood,hob& oven) •
Instant water heater & shower screen • Quality sanitary wares & accessories
Quality timber door for all bedrooms • Steel truss roofing •

Anti-termite treatment with 5 years warranty
Security: Gated & guarded.

Monday, October 24, 2011


TODAY is MY 3 rd wedding anniversary!! hehehe sekejap je kan? dh ade 2 anak plak tu. hmm syukur padaMu Allah. Amiin ya rabbal almin.

so semalam kebetulan affan aqeel tidur awal, me n hubby pun pun mengambil kesempatan utk menonton wayang. It's been a while...NOOO...ages i think...hehe itulah bila dh jadi parents we dun have time to ourselve, everything is for the kids. So yesterday we don't have a clue what's IN now? af first we wanna watcch TRESS PASS- NICOLE KIDMAN & NICHOLAS CAGE but time nye lewat ckit so tgk poster real steel ni macam best je and kebetulan dapat plak tiket and show time dia ok, we bought 2 tickets (3rd row from screen) ok lah tu...take or live it je kan..

this movie beeesst llaaaaa.............

basicaally is about human n robots..fighting robots...ala ala wrestling mcm WWF.

AND bonding between FATHER (charlie)and SON (max). Ayahnye x pernah jumpe anaknye since he was born.
AFter a fight Charlie lose a $45k Noisy boy robot , n they were searching for new parts to repair the robots at junkyard. Max accidently fell into a cliff and was saved by a robot(atom).

FROM there MAX WANT to train Atom with the help of his father
overall citer nie bestt la,,ade jgk la part yg sedih only org yg sesitif mcm aku nie je kot terasa ..hahaha


try google it if u want to know more


I KNOW THIS song dah berbulan2 di radio but this songg feeellliinnggg aabis la...sadia dengar.
credit to all the singer expecially to shila , u young n still consider new in this industry but ur voice seedddaapp didengar.

Beribu Sesalan - Jaclyn Victor, Ning Baizura & Shila

Ku susuri malam ini
Yang tidak berbintang sunyi sepi
Juga rembulan dah menghilang
Dalam kelam ku sendiri

Ku mencari hembus bayu
Yang selalu berbisik madah rindu
Kini membisu dalam sayu
Tidak ku temu suaramu

Kekasihku di jalanan yang berliku
Di saat ku perlukanmu
Tertutup jua segalanya terhadapmu
Di sini ku tersedu-sedu

Setelah cinta pergi
Ku mengusung duka ini diiringi
Kisah janji dimungkiri lagi

Kekasihku di jalanan yang berliku
Di saat ku perlukanmu
Tertutup jua segalanya terhadapmu
Di sini ku tersedu-sedu

Setelah cinta pergi
Ku mengusung duka ini

Kisah janji

Sia-sia ku
Setia padamu

Sebak dadaku
Retak hatiku
Luka jiwaku
Dihiris pilu

Setia padamu

Sebak dadaku
Retak hatiku
Luka jiwaku
Dihiris pilu

Friday, October 21, 2011

Grand Lexis,Port Dickson @ Legend Water Chalet

Last week some where early october me n my family went Grand Lexis,Port Dickson @ Legend Water Chalet, dah tukar name, since when i don't know. But our trip was FATASTIC. We enjoyed so much especially my shibam... sampai tak nak kuar dr pool la.

Aqeel n yaya (x nak kuar nie)

budak penakut air ..hehehe

we tooked Garden Villa WITH INDOOR POOL (rm 651++) but asked for corporate rate will get 15% discount) ..the bilik was big, 2 king size bed and pantry with microwave then seperate shower n bathroom and at the pool pun ade shower. the was 4 feet high. oklah utk org besar nak terjun ke lompat2 ke, behind our room is the outdoor pool. best laa... we all dalam 10 org kot. semua jammed in 1 room muat je utk semua org. tidur bawah,atas semua cukup.hahhaha

it was so much fun.
my famila at Eagle ranch PD

shibam AQeel with Daddy

Affan n Aqeel

Affan n Aqeel

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months