Monday, October 8, 2012

Institut NURY

Macam mane nak mula kan ye...pernah dengar pasal Nury? bukan burung nuri ye..tapi Institut Nury? the founder is Arwah Dato Dr Nor Laily. How I know this place...hmmm loongg story .and cukup lah sekadar...I was treated there before when I was 3 or 4 years old. Mama berhenti kerje n do full time the treatment there just for me. TQ mama. without u doing all these I don't think I will be OKAY and NORMAL. REALLY THANKFUL FOR THAT..thank u mama!

I 've been calling Nury since the Doctor at SDMC diagnose Aqeel with mild autism but there's something wrong with their line. so I email them and last week they replied. I straight called them and ask them whether they remember my mom and me? THEY REMEMBERED! because my mom pun pernak kerje dgn Arwah dulu.

So on last Saturday, we went to the Institute and all of them were there..jejak kasih lah sekejap. Puan Ruzaini, Dr Zaza and Lala (both of them are the daugthers os Arwah) now they're running the institute. X terlintas pun nak attend course because we were thought nak amik course yang in November. so we all termiss lah half day and we entered the 2nd half. the 2 days course was AN EYE OPENER, VERY INFORMATIVE, and REALLY GOOD. x kira lah anda ade anak "ISTIMEWA" or NORMAL. the course is really good. banyak benda yang mungkin kite rase kite tahu or betul , rupenye semua tu x betul! Nury pentingkan BONDING, between the parents and the child and the determination. kalau u ade 2 nie..insyallah anak anda akan pulih.

the treatment NOT involve in DRUG at ALL!!! That the best things! only vutamins and supllement from Blackmore or Kordel, etc. and exercise! Oxygen is importannt! that's why the treatment involve with Musking, Brachiaation, and  banyak lagi. lebih kurang macam masuk class gymnastic la.

Kalau ande x percaya or ragu2 with the treatment. I suggest go for the course! En Hazly pun x tahu ape2 pun pasal Nury ke ITU KE INI KE..tapi semamlam mase last day of the course dis sebak mase bagi ucapan..sape x nak anak sehat kan? so itulah aper yang we all buat. CURE , Cari jalan, ikhtiar sana sini. Insyallah berjaya.  I was a special child before but lagu serious condition from Aqeel, Look what I turns to?? I'm Normal! with my mom determonation I cured! tulik entry nie pun dah sebak..tapi I nak share jugak...

Nury follow Dr Glenn Doman theory,

smalam one of the speaker, at first dia tak tau pun i nie Nabila from dulu2, sekali mama sampai n asked him, kenal akak lagi? he like stunt n replied kenaaall...! dia macam terkejut..and after a while when I was alone, dia pergi kat I dia tanya " Aare u Nabila? anak Ridzuan?' YES! I can see in his face, susah nak describe laa.. but I said that my dad's dah passed away in 1995.... ADE LAH STORY Mory itu inie...

jangan terkejut ye... kebanyakan anak2 NURY diorang berjaya ye bila dh besar. Engineer, Master's students, Chef etc.

kalau anak kite normal buat treatment ni lagi bagus...diaorang  akan jadi lagi pandai. I will enroll Aqeel and is a credit to Affan too. He will join his brother on his journey to cure. the journey will be a roller coaster ride but it's worth it!

Institut Nury's number is  03 - 41075479

and ask for Pn Rozaini

Also you could visit our facebook page
website Nury:
location: Bukit Antarabangsa. (near Puncak Antenathium Condo)
the 2 days course is RM750 for both parents. (once a month je)
and the gym is RM450 a month.
supplements/vitamins : depends
I will update all the tretments.

Affan n Aqeel

Affan n Aqeel

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months