Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new jouney....PEKAN

never think of me working so far from home....this offer is once in lifetime...
before this i pernah tolak job yg bagus now i dun want to repeat it
eventho PEKAN Pahang is far but i will be independant to raise my own child, my hubby will follow later becoz he will do NIOSH course april till june..then after he finish n pass d course then barulah cari kerje area KUANTAN plak...hehhe suddenly i'll come back to kuantan again...but in pekan....

now nak pikir cari umah,beli furnitures (basic dulu)

BUT.. on he 2nd thought.... i think i will not bring my baby boo dulu laa,let me settle down 1st ,dh siap sume bende baru laaa bawa affan..eventho i will miss himmm like helll...!!!evey heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!..........

doakan ku ..tabahkan hati ku ya Allah...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

affan's 1st solid food...nyum nyum

baru bg affan makan..HEINZ-BANANA N PEAR... sedap jugak ....mummy dia rase dulu..
i gv 2 scoop dulu...alhamdulillah abis makan... esok we continue eating k baby...

lagi debab laa my baby boo...

TTFN TATA FOR NOW...nite all

guess what...?

since bulan nie I OKB i bayr la kerete sampai march..hopefully by april i have a job...amin ..
so i bought lots of shoes to my baby n swimmig suit!!!

he was so cute wearing the suit...we went swimming in lumut, we stayed at marina cove telok batik...actually i booked for 1 room apartment but changed to 2 rooms apartment.. nice apt laa..spacious..i recomend kan tempat nie..n they have their owned water park..!

feb oh february..what a month..!

lame sungguh rasenya tidak berbloging..
this month lot of memories... fun n sad...

first- i lost my job....(with no reason) i think..but i jadi OKB la skejap...hehe
second- family gathering in sg. besar n lumut was a BLAST..!
third-tension nie ..keje keje keje dimane kamu???

Aqiqah affan was beyond many people came n d collections was D best! hahaha
dapat la pulangan utk catering!!!hehehhe murah rezeki anakku..amin..

this month my baby boo turns 4 months!hooray hapy bday darling...
every month celebrate nie..biasela baby 1st kan...but i will make sure that it happens to my future future babies...hahahaha lambat lg tu.

Affan n Aqeel

Affan n Aqeel

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months