Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can't wait!!!!!

Heeelllloooo ...........

i think now i'm 32 or 33 weeks preggie, this pregnancy i lost count..hehehehe
alhamdulillah now i'm working in HQ Shah Alam but temporary only...hmmmm if i x dapat transfer KL , I NEED to finf other options laa....InsyaAllah rezki ade kat sini n di mana2..

Takkan i nak tinggal kan my newborn kan???breastfeeding camane?NONONONO! Since i've been transfered here ,alhamdulillah Affan sehat more fever..! i dun want pisang berbuah 2 kali with my 2nd baby. So i need to find other options...will think after deliver... :)

this time being preggie is totally different from the 1st, 1st was easy n x byk karenah, but for this 2nd hmmmm....always give mummy something to worry ....very2 active boy (again) but i'm ok with it.! since I kekurangan "lelaki" in my life now i have 1 Man n 2 heroes (insyallah).

my due date is 1 feb or end of january 2011, but in my last checked up doc suspect me to have C-Section (due to no progress "down there",but i always have contractions) it maybe laaa..higly unlikely..hehehe but in case it is true...n doc confirm it to have C-Section, i want to choose the date... 11/01/2011 hahahhahahaha if can laa because at that time it's consider full term..that is my planning laa....KALAU BOLEH..?KAN y not....hahhaha

ooohhh lupe nak update laaa kat sini... my baby boo Affan kene angin pasang called HERNIA in english...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


nice number kan???is my son's bday!!!!!!!!!!!!i am so thrill n lar..1st time kan..
now affan already know how to walk but still in process of learning..sumtime bila dia lupe,he can walk easily n jauh plak tu berjalan..hehehe cute boy.

since bday affan falls on weekdays,we decided to throw him a kenduri and kenduri kesyukuran on 23rd oct @ 8pm.

cake - Checked! curtesy of Aunty Aini
jelly/agar-agar - Checked! Aeroplane jelly
paper plates / cups - Checked!
Khemah - own khemah -Checked!
Party packs/goodies - Checked!
Nuggets/ sausages etc -Not yet , friday will go buy with Aunty niniey..!

Mostly all done except for pergi pasar laa...saturday morning i will go with my mama kot...i'm not a pasar person, but since kahwin i dh berjinak-jinak la utk ke pasar...tapi hubby akan pegang yg barang-barang basah....heheheehehe

this is for you my AFFAN DANISH HADI...

it's your very first birthday, baby.
one candel on your cake;
proud parents stare in wonder
at each new move you make

we join in celebration
as this special date arrives,
for baby has brought pleasure
into all our lives

we look forward now to seeing
how you progress and grow,
from the cute and tiny infant
you were one year ago.

so dig into your icing;
enjoy your presents, too.
the reason for this day
is a special person - YOU!

mummy and daddy love you so much.....

Friday, September 3, 2010


Salam SEMUA.............

it's been along time since i was hooked up with works...hahaha
This year is my 1st time celebrating raya with my babay boo, this year theme is turquoise blue...
siap tempah baju melayu @ wisma yakin GAZ BUTIK (khas utk jahit bj lelaki)
my hubby baju melayu cost RM 90 - BJ Melayu Johor n for affan RM 45 -to me its a bit costly but ok lahh... (Bj melayu affan buat kat pasar rakyat dlm wisma yakin)
Actually u can just buy @ JUSCO. RM 39.90..kain pun ok... ala biase la 1st time kan, excited lebih...hahaha next year pun same coz dah ade 2 baby hahahaha insyallah

Alhamdulliah this year raya ade la rezki terlebih i shopped pun like terover-over...
baju mama,hubby, n me all we bought in SOGO....nak mengharungi jalan ke sogo dan di dalam sogo memang lah was tooo crowded....but we manage to grab what we want laa..
this year i bought like 10 pairs of tudung, few shoes including mama punya, baju pun byk...all 2 in 1-coz this year raya im 5 months my baju kurung raya pun beli baru...coz yg ade dekat tailor tu ...i don't think i can fit in hahhaha coz mase buat dulu blem preggie lagi...
so i bought Cotton Kurung -turquoise jugak...

and the other thing is me n mama share beli sofa baru...hahaha our house looks nice..with ABC Carpet (yag tampal2 tu..ABCDE....) Beli tu je..sebesar-besar carpet...2 in 1 kan..hahaha affan pun bleh bace n bleh wat carpet jgk hahahaha...

Kuih raya pun cam banyak je tahun nie...i beli,mama beli,n hubby beli, n i nak buat sikit kuih raya la since i cuti panjang....Duit raya pun dh allocate kan siap2...sakan la tahun nie...hehe
maybe this raya we all akan balik penang , my hubby n affan pun blum pernah jumpe sedare mare belah sana,so this is the time best
ok lah will update soon...

iNSYA LLAH next week on the 10th sept 2010 all muslims will celebrate hari raya,
since i will be on long leaves...i would like to wish all muslims


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

nothing much

x de ape la nak di cerite kan, same old story itu laa not much different
but for the past last week, i accidently found a blog that toched my heart , if u have time read it. it's about her daughter who passed away in june 2010, she had very very rare sickness.
i always pray for the strong... ade hikmah disebalik setiap kejadian.

this month my baby boo is 9 months...still gigi x tumbuh lagi...ish ish... sekarang dh pandai marah...geram...very cute la ...miss him actually....everyday daddy will mms his pictures...
i really hope that my baby will know that his mummy keje jauh jauh becoz of him...rezki mummy kat sini...mummy kene kuat kan..always think positive.. with the new baby (soon, c u in feb 2011) i need to be strong, positive thinks ahead n just do my work...pray for my us...hehe

TTFN ..will update soon..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

singapor n Jay bee 2010

after a long weekend , now i'm at work in Pekan... sumtimes is tiring when u think of every week long distance journey..but wat to do,have to rite?...forget bout that
i had a great weekend with my hubby n baby boo....n $$$$$$ gone !hehehe
i toched down in JB on 28 may friday at 8am ,then ain n her hubby pick me up ,she took me to mee rebus tulang...sedappnya......dh lame x makan...after breakfast they sent us to jb sentral.
it's similat like kl sentral ,after dis there's no more tg pagar,it will change ti jb we took a bus there to singapor...the bus ride cost $1.8o per person , the bus go straight to little india, where we stay. walk a bit .,jalan jalan...tup tup dh sampai our hotel Santa Grand Little India booked via cost me around RM250 per nite. the hotel is cute,small but the interior is nice..for me stay in little india is convenient coz it just 3-5 minutes walk to ferrer park mrt n the food is ez to find especially halal food.

this time i went to singapore my focus was only 1! till drop man...!hahaha but mostly is for affan danish hadi...spend a lot on him..eventho he don't know anything..buta i puas,,hahaha!NX year i will go again but which country i dun know yet coz will bring another member of my family...insyallah...

hari besoknye sebelum balik , we all sempat gi mustafa center...spend another $$$$ there..but worth it! i bought tuxedo for my babay boo...! i dun care when he will use it but i will find a occasion for him to weAr it...hahahha I WILL! then we all check out, it was too hot...sian baby boo...siap tutup mata la dgn tangan we ask around how to balik jb...i ask 1 malay couple...they said go to queen street and took a cab or bus there. so we cari2 teksi jumpe la ,cost around $ 4 from mustafa center -queen st. then mase dlm kete babu la hubby teringat yang my CHARLES N KEITH paper bag tertingaal kat dlm hotel...!uwwaaa.....
so we all turun kat queen st, n lucky we get a TEKSI SAPU...he actually a johorian but du part time bawa normal car @ teksi la...he charged us $ 50. but to me this guy pusing balik to little india -to our hotel to take our stuff..! lucky the housekeeping blum kemas bilik lg so my shoes is still there. hehehhe wat a day man...! the taxi driver sent us to suria city hotl jb...sebelah dgn grand bluewave jb.

this time i pergi jb sampai c cukup mase la...ain n hubbby took us to seafood ,quite cheap... ikan, sotong,udang,sayur,tom yam,ketam n i jug tembikai rm 130. the food was ok..
then besoknye,kluar dgn dini...nasib baik dia ade kat jb..dia pun cuti jln2 dgn dia...belanje dini korean bbq food....fer fav..i think...then mlm Abd Razak turn to bring us makan....BUT he was lucky coz ain's parents dh masakan we all went to kangkar pulai...makan sampai kenyang laa.

to all my frens ain ,ajak,n dini,,tq ver much tau...luv u all............
c u nx time...insyallah

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm in shock!!!!

last sunday...morning, i saje saje test ....mule2 1 line only, so i letak tepi laa i take a shower lalalalalala then i check again...teng teng teng....2 lines!!!hahahaha

so in the evening after pergi sana sini i pun singgah clinic n do the test....tup tap tup tap it's POSITIVE!!!ALhamdulillH Amin....rezki Allah bagi.

just pity my baby boo....baru setahun jagung dh adik adik....hehehehe
hope this time baby girl.


Monday, May 17, 2010

new ride

Alhamdulillah new MPV dh keluar...selepas sebulan penantian berakhir... Malaysian car je PROTON EXORA sort off gray n blue ..(thx to my Bro in law..)
i bought this car bcoz of my family always go around,so drpad menyewa van baiklah amik 1 kan...
Nice laa..comfortable...spacious...sesuai laa dgn harge..(rasenye) hehehe
Affan kalau naik kete exora ,dia mesti tgk keliling...i think becoz savvy n myvi is small kan so maybe he wants to familliar with the new boy..!
ok la will posting more story later....have work to do...
bye TTFN..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

new baby in d famly

yesterday around 730 pm finally my cousin deliver RAES ZAFRAN 3.1kg @ An-Nur Bangi.
she's been admitted to hospital since monday,but wednesday morning doc fatimah need to induce her and then slowly bukaan cm open, since 7am until my cousin tahan sakit, i think without epidural, U go Girl!!!nasib baik x ceasar...hehehe good boy Raes..!

tomorrow aunty lala jumpe raes k....cute little boy

TTFN ta ta for now

Steven Curtis Chapman-Cinderella *Includes Lyrics*

Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Air Asia

since this month is d last d last month booking tiket air asia coz my hubby dapat delay voucher worTH RM200 n he bought another Voucher from his fren , so cari punye cari we choose to go JB, n from JB we will go to singapore.......i pun browse n kebetulan plak singapore sale start on d 28 may 2010....

so we wil spend a day or 2 in singapore n JB shop shop....kachiing kaching $$$$ kene cari duit.....lodging will cost a bomb....
last friday Pahang Public Holiday so ade la mase wat passport my baby boo....he wakes up @ 6am...xcited nye dia...hehehe so cute sgt...mase nak amik gambar dia ,paling comel....berkerut je dahi dia...sebijik cam arwah atok acad...

this month his turn 7 months...what a bundle of joy having him nak tgu his next kazen plak kluar RAES Zafran....(today 11may my kazen dh admit to hspl ,contractions tinggi sampai 140 but raes seems very comfortable in his mummy's womb..since yesterday baru buka 1cm...) sabar ye k.ikin...inilah pegorbanan seorang ibu.)

Friday, April 23, 2010

baby boo 6 months

affan danish hadi dh 6 bulan.......yeehhaaa..!
to have his in our life is a bundle of joy laa...
but pity him , mummy is far away..only see mummy weekend only..
i hope his understand..mummy go work ye sayang..
now dia dh pandai nak merangkak...dh angkat bontot tinggi2 , tangan je blum passed lg...but he is cute laaa ...eventho people keep asking whether his a boy or girl....(geram ni) anakku lelaki ok!!!!because his tooo cute laa
very intelligent n smart boy,insyallah.

new journey...

dah lame x berblog.......
it's been a while....many changes in my life...
ooohhh i got a new job...with a public listed kan?
but i'm posting in PEKAN Pahang!!...pade mulenye berdiskusi dgn hubby...cite itu citer ini...hubby said wait for the offer letter 1st...tapi bile dh dpt offer letter...Icannot resist the temptations....they r giving very good benefits n salary as well...i mean for me yg baru 2 tahun xperience keje a lot laa..
it's been 1 month plus laa i'm far it's ok but being a weekend mummy n wife is A Sacrifice ...THAT I DO for my family.
n i'm thinking of to further my study. Master..insyallah

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new jouney....PEKAN

never think of me working so far from home....this offer is once in lifetime...
before this i pernah tolak job yg bagus now i dun want to repeat it
eventho PEKAN Pahang is far but i will be independant to raise my own child, my hubby will follow later becoz he will do NIOSH course april till june..then after he finish n pass d course then barulah cari kerje area KUANTAN plak...hehhe suddenly i'll come back to kuantan again...but in pekan....

now nak pikir cari umah,beli furnitures (basic dulu)

BUT.. on he 2nd thought.... i think i will not bring my baby boo dulu laa,let me settle down 1st ,dh siap sume bende baru laaa bawa affan..eventho i will miss himmm like helll...!!!evey heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!..........

doakan ku ..tabahkan hati ku ya Allah...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

affan's 1st solid food...nyum nyum

baru bg affan makan..HEINZ-BANANA N PEAR... sedap jugak ....mummy dia rase dulu..
i gv 2 scoop dulu...alhamdulillah abis makan... esok we continue eating k baby...

lagi debab laa my baby boo...

TTFN TATA FOR NOW...nite all

guess what...?

since bulan nie I OKB i bayr la kerete sampai march..hopefully by april i have a job...amin ..
so i bought lots of shoes to my baby n swimmig suit!!!

he was so cute wearing the suit...we went swimming in lumut, we stayed at marina cove telok batik...actually i booked for 1 room apartment but changed to 2 rooms apartment.. nice apt laa..spacious..i recomend kan tempat nie..n they have their owned water park..!

feb oh february..what a month..!

lame sungguh rasenya tidak berbloging..
this month lot of memories... fun n sad...

first- i lost my job....(with no reason) i think..but i jadi OKB la skejap...hehe
second- family gathering in sg. besar n lumut was a BLAST..!
third-tension nie ..keje keje keje dimane kamu???

Aqiqah affan was beyond many people came n d collections was D best! hahaha
dapat la pulangan utk catering!!!hehehhe murah rezeki anakku..amin..

this month my baby boo turns 4 months!hooray hapy bday darling...
every month celebrate nie..biasela baby 1st kan...but i will make sure that it happens to my future future babies...hahahaha lambat lg tu.

Monday, January 18, 2010


at last...dapat jugak hajat dihati untuk mengecat my bedroom,purple and lilac but turns out to be a bit pinkish...eeeee..!!!tapi nak buat camane dh beli cat teruskan lah..

bila dah cat nampak lawa jugak laa kaler ni..soothing je hehehe org kate if nak wat 2nd baby sejuklaa ati ni with the room atmosphere hahahhahahahhhaha...tah tah dapat twins..
but not now laa ,let my baby affan besar ckit 3 or 4 years old.

sian baby affan, this week he will turns 3 months so org tua kate beralih bulan, dia asyik "poop" je..but dia x nangis, tapi care dia meneran tu macam laa berak tu keras kejong...hahaha so cute sebenarnya.ta[i sian jugak with him ..on saturday la,i think his so tored becoz berak2 so he sleep je the whole day..then pukuln 4.30am baru tido..! mummy dia dah flat...x sedar diri dah..daddy dia la jage sambil tgk astro boy... quite touching cartoon actually..siapa yg belum tgk should watch it..

TTFN ta ta for now...

Friday, January 15, 2010

new hair cut

sudah lame sebenarnye nak gunting rambut since before nak beranak lagi, tapi mase tu org2 tua cakap jgn potong sebab nanti dalam pantang kene ikat rambut tinggi-tinggi (utk x masuk angin) so i hold first...

after confinement my hubby cakap bak belanje potong rambut but when we go out we always forgot about it, so yesterday pergi jugak la gunting rambut.

fresh new look...short hair...baru lah terase ringan .....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

new glasses!!!

for my power to make specs is quite expensive so after 2 years of wearind my old specs finally i changed to new specs, make the specs in wangsa walk..(nice image optometry) glasses are made from japan,they send the specs there bcoz of my power and only can do it in Japan.!!!!HOYA is the brand name ,very clear view ..crystal!!!x mudah calar,very nipis plastic and long lasting...dts wat the sales person said,hope its true..bcoz it cost me quite a lot of $$$$$.

TTFN ta ta for now..


this month january 2010 is rezeki month...alhamdulillah.. if x byr hutang duit tu semua boleh lah letak utk kereta mpv baru...huhuhu but lega rasanya at least hutang yang dah lame x byr dh settle jugak lah...amin..

last night ,my hubby belanja dinner - consider dia dpt bonus laah, his sales was quite blooming..alhamdulillah..end of this month his going to phuket (y phuket?) bahaya tu...!it's a company trip,about 40 of them are going..anyway he need to thanks my mama becoz she's the one who gv him chance to go..hehhee...thx ma...

semalam sujud syukur la my hubby when he saw his account statement and i said to him "kan bagus if u can do like this every month?" insyaAllah sayang..rezeki anak tu ade ...kite kene usha cari...always ingat tu....

ooo lupe lak last nite g makan malam my baby affan dress up in blue pyjamas "pooh" brand and his wearing a cap (terbalikan ke belakang) i pikir punye pikir....macam sape?? POCOYO!! sebijik macam pocoyo...hahaha dah la muke seiras-iras same....hehhe sooo cute..



baru siap flyers utk menjemput all frenz and neighbours (new house) so jiran-jiran yang duduk belakang sana-sana x berapa kenal so kene edar flyers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

my baby boo

wow its been a year i didn't "blogging". it's been a wonderful year , the journey to become a mummy is amazing and A really really unexpected .experiences..

on 20 october 2009 AFFAN DANISH HADI bin DZULHAZLY were born through hours of labour pain without any pain medicine , i must say "thanks mama"! to be a mum .... lots of sacrifices...etc.. the pain is AMAZING ,EXTRA ORDINARY...thats the words that i can describe it. after hours of labour i surrender...!!!

after the doctor said that she need to operate me , i straight away asked for epidural. EPIDURAL was magic!!!!!the pain gone in seconds...!!!!!!!!!!!!who ever invented epidural was brilliant!!!!!

now baby affan is 3 months old, he is so smart... he will wake up in the morning and dia mesti go for morning walk , his nani will bring jalan- jalan before she go to work...mummy affan pagi-pagi bute dah pegi keje!!!after morning walk he will take a bath ,suke sangat mandi...nanti nak bw dia mandi swimming pool hehhee then minum susu n watching cartoon.

he watched cartoon like he understands it...focus 100% sambil tu bercakap cakap lagi....really enjoyed it! bila daddy dia berborak2 dgn dia,dia punyelah excited...bercakap macam org besar...iiiiiish ish...that my precious boy...

if citer pasal anak nie, sampai abis pages pun tak pe...tu la org kate ye bila dah ade anak nie,keperluan kite pun lupe sebab sume nak beli kat's true laa...

next time sambung ye..TTFN tata for now..!

Affan n Aqeel

Affan n Aqeel

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months