Monday, September 24, 2012

Zoo Negara

Last saturday, me n mama bring the kiddos to Zoo Negara. Licky on that day the weather was just nice. berpeluh2 ketiak brjalan2 kat zoo tue...Affan enjoyed the animals but my Aqeel not so. He act like he didn't bother at all. Monyok je.. tapi bila masuk cafe ..tempat tu berangin so dia ok je...tawaf satu kedai..keluar je dari situ dia monyok je...masham je...maybe because it was hot kot. Affan all the way tutup hiding and all the way "mummy smelly la" "mummy busuk la" oohh my Mr metrosexual boy!

entrace fee Adult- Rm 20

AFFAN hppy face nut AQEEL hmmm...watever mummy!

all the way ok, tangan kat hidung.

he didn't enjoy it.

take photos with pony n bird.

wajah kepenatan..padahal duk dlm stroller je

spotted deer

orang utan

Lion yang tiiddooo....

 i think our zoo need to improve lah...evetho is okay but Singapore zoo and Night safari was WAY much more exciting...!

ok bye

Affan n Aqeel

Affan n Aqeel

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Affan - 7 months (so cute ...)

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months

Shibam Aqeel- 7 months